OMC has an immediate opening for a candidate with entrepreneurial talent and qualifications to take the helm and move the company forward through the next four decades. Candidate to be considered must have a minimum of ten years of practical experience in the ocean transport field and demonstrate firm leadership qualifications as well as marketing knowledge. Firm IT background is essential. One or more foreign languages will be an asset. A unique chance for a driven person to make a difference in ocean transport. Please contact us for further information.






There is going to be a continuing American military presence which requires logistical support. Likewise foreign direct investment will increase and support infrastructural improvements.



The entire West African region is under political and economic pressure but both port facilities as well as rail and road connections to interior destinations are still functioning without major problems.



Mr. Schauer visited Havana last December when President Obama made the announcement that normal diplomatic relations will be re-established. This is very positive news and provides great opportunity for new and developing relations within the logistics industry.



Obviously a continuing trouble spot, except the Gulf states. There is no service to Yemeni ports and thus Iraq suffers politically and economically. Iraqi Kurdistan can be served via Turkish ports only.



Watch this giant (pop. 80 mil) waking up! Thanks to an agreement between the Western powers and the Islamic Republic it is anticipated that in the not so distant future there will be huge demand for the energy sector (oil and gas) as well as aerospace supplies, consumer goods and infrastructural equipment.
Mr. Schauer has been very active in Iran during the 1970's and it can be anticipated that perhaps as early as 2016 the Iranian ports will no longer be able to handle the increased volume and other routes via Djulfa or Mersin will again handle much of the traffic. Flights from Zurich, Frankfurt and Milan to Teheran are again booked solid and Far Eastern manufacturers and logistics providers are set to go!



Temporary setback due to ethnic problems in the eastern provinces. FDI is still sluggish although there is great interest from Singapore and Thailand.



Current slump in demand for Mongolian exports (especially to China) put a stop to the rapidly expanding mining sector. This had an immediate impact on other imported goods, such as automobiles and consumer goods. According to our partners in Ulaanbaatar they do not see a recovery until the second half of 2016. Otherwise the transit from port Xingang by rail to the capital is working flawlessly.



Orion Marine is participating in relief efforts after a devastating earthquake caused extensive tolls on human lives and infrastructure.  Presently the roads from port Kolkata to Kathmandu are still serviceable although there is a 350 km deviation due to collapsed bridges.  Delays can be anticipated due to heavy lorry traffic and weight restrictions are in effect.


Watch for more useful information regarding more distant places on this planet.