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In the late fall of 1971 the "Hartford Express" docked at Chicago’s seaport and discharged 240 containers from various European countries. The vessel was handled by Nauticus Shipping Corporation founded by Peter K Schauer during the same year. The historic arrival of the first cellular container vessel in America’s heartland and the busiest port in the Great Lakes region was hardly noticed by either the media or the shipping industry at large. It did, however, chart the direction of the company, soon to be renamed Orion Marine Corporation, and its future business strategy.

Due to the demise of Great Lakes shipping, new innovative ground had to be broken. The company was heavily involved with project shipments to the booming Middle East, specifically to Iran. It operated through the territory of the former Soviet Union in order to avoid congestion in Persian Gulf ports. The revolution in Iran and the resulting financial loss forced the company to focus on new areas of activity in Asia, Africa and especially the Soviet Union (CIS).
Orion Marine/ ConFlo Lines always pioneered alternative shipping routes whilst concentrating on areas of the world that are difficult to ship to. Almost all destinations offered are being serviced by transshipment and/or a combination of ocean and overland transport. The company provides regular container service but specializes in project and oversized as well as hazardous material transportation.
Mr Schauer looks back on a very fulfilling and exciting career. After more than 50 years on the job he is  ready to turn over the reins to a younger generation and devote more time to his French-born wife Marie-Claude as well as to teaching and meditation. The company’s motto "NAVIGARE NECESSE EST" will remain forever.