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Mongolia - a land once ruled by Genghis Khan and a variety of nomadic empires. Rich in mineral resources and natural potential, the country boasts some of the richest untapped reserves of copper, gold and other useful minerals and metals. The country’s hub for international trade is the capital Ulaanbaatar in north central Mongolia. Popular commodities for commerce include such items as textiles, heavy machinery and mining equipment. Orion Marine Corporation has been managing complex shipments of heavy construction equipment and trucks to Mongolia for decades.

From the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations to the Naadam summer festivals, we have your cargo covered to Ulaanbaatar and many other destinations in Asia.

Whether your transportation needs require intimate knowledge of Mongolia, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam or North Korea, we are your trusted partner with over a quarter century of experience in delivering results.

Please contact our Asia specialist Christiane Logger with your FCL, LCL, break bulk and RORO rate inquiries.

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