About Us



Orion Marine Corporation was organized in 1971 as a steamship agent and broker.The company is headquartered in downtown Chicago. A small staff of experienced associates under the direction of the company’s CEO and founder, Peter K Schauer, advises the export shipping public of cost effective and reliable modes of ocean and land transportation to the most remote areas of the world.

Orion Marine manages ConFlo Lines' activities under charter and part-charter agreements with a number of conventional and container carriers. Through a dense worldwide network of overseas partners, Orion Marine is connected with every country serviced. The majority of our agents have been chosen during personal visits on location.
Early in its existence Orion Marine was instrumental in innovative routings to Iran and Afghanistan via the Soviet rail system. Alternative shipping options were also provided for Africa, the Middle East and land locked Asian destinations. We continue to provide reliable service for both containerized and conventional cargo, including LCL, Ro-Ro and hazardous materials. Project cargo volumes are consistently increasing.
Mr Schauer’s life long background in the maritime industry started in the German merchant marine and subsequent training as a ship broker in various European countries. He came to the United States for Hapag-Lloyd in the early 1960’s. He and his staff have been traveling regularly throughout the world evaluating local conditions and discussing issues with agents and consignees as well as port authorities, Government Agencies and others involved with transport logistics.
Orion Marine’s experienced and seasoned staff is ready to answer your questions in a courteous and professional manner.

"We love challenges."
Navigare necesse est.